Hall of Shame




1. Before and After!

Martin suffers more than most at the Conygre Hair Removal Clinic. He clearly deserves it though - the northen monkey!


  OneOfHisBetterFaces!.jpg (446x353; 29801 bytes)
MartinsMullet.jpg (297x372; 23026 bytes)

Gary shows everyone that he can booze-binge like the best of them- but is slung out of the Plug bar after throwing up on the floor.
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In a drunkard coma, Laura collapses into her late-night fried egg. She was motionless for twenty minutes.
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A rather fetching pair of designer shades. They looked good on Ally. Not so sure about Gaz.
  LookingGoodGaz!.jpg (529x359; 33978 bytes)

When completely wasted, Kev makes an excellent doorstop.
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Kirsty gives up. Steph was later wrapped in toilet paper and left for dead.
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GoodnightSteph.jpg (710x378; 37863 bytes)


Corrine could never repeat this expression. She's certainly lucky the wind didn't change at the time.

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Chris is made to run round Conygre twice in his underpants as a punishment from the girls. He will be more careful of his database security in the future.

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Sarah Lou returns to the house after the Rag panto. Alex makes the most of the opportunity, offering a sermon!
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New pulling techniques await their gingers and collars-and-cuffs!

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Simon shows off his true colours!

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John is told to 'leave it hanging out.'

  SheToldMeToLeaveItHangingOut.jpg (679x466; 98314 bytes)